The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 1

The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 1
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The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 – 3-part CIA Review
By: The Institute of Internal Auditors
Unparalleled CIA Exam Preparation, Only The IIA Can Provide

The IIA’s CIA Learning System® is a comprehensive and interactive online CIA review program that teaches and reinforces the CIA exam syllabi and International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) in a flexible, on-demand format, tailored to current knowledge gaps, learning style, and schedule. Updated online quizzes, study tools, and reading materials (printed books available as an optional add-on), provide candidates with the most personalized, flexible, and efficient study experience for express, exam day success.

Reading materials:
Reading materials teach the CIA exam syllabi, incorporating the latest IIA Professional Guidance, in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

  • Learn about the CIA exam syllabus and The IIA’s most current professional knowledge.
  • Download books to your e-reader, read online, or choose printed books (optional add-on).
  • Explore topics in more detail online with direct links to additional resources.

Interactive online study tools:
Online study tools offer a recommended study path, learning activity options with time estimates, and progress tracking.

  • Pre-test evaluates current knowledge and helps set your personalized study path.
  • Video tutorial provides an overview of the IPPF components.
  • Quizzes test your comprehension and retention.
  • Flashcards offer review of key terms and definitions.
  • CIA practice exam helps build confidence through a computer-based exam simulation.
  • Progress reporting tracks activities and scores.

Online access period:

  • Purchasers of an individual part will have access to the online study tools for one year from date of purchase.
  • Purchasers of a full, 3-part kit will have access for two years from date of purchase.
  • Looking for more structure, guidance, and motivation? Instructor-led courses are also available around the globe in online and in-person seminar formats. Visit to find a course near you. For more information, call Customer Support at +1-877-442-2425 or +1-651-905-2670 or email

Why is The IIA’s CIA Learning System the recommended way to prepare for the CIA exam?

  • Exclusive IIA Expertise: No other study tool aligns The IIA’s professional knowledge, training, and certification expertise.
  • Personalized Study Experience: Leverage a dynamic study plan that prioritizes content based on your personal knowledge gaps and follows your progress through quiz scores and activities.
  • Microlearning: Focus on smaller content segments to make the most efficient use of your available time and ensure you have a clear understanding of each topic.
  • Convenience: Travel light with online access via any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Just log in and continue where you left off. Take advantage of downtime with study tools that are accessible 24/7.

IIA Member Bonus: Become an IIA member to access additional resources and guidance directly from the Learning System’s online study tools!

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Item Number: 10.1298.ep – Part 1 Online Only
Item Number: 10.1299.ep – Part 2 Online Only
Item Number: 10.1300.ep – Part 3 Online Only


The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 2

The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 2

The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 3

The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 Online Only - Part 3

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