Team Leader’s Guide to Internal Audit Leadership - Paperback

Team Leader’s Guide to Internal Audit Leadership - Paperback
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The role of team leaders is being reshaped at a relatively rapid pace to accommodate the recognition of chief audit executives (CAEs) as trusted advisors within the C-suite. This book helps them transition to a higher level by providing practical, meaningful ideas to optimize internal audit’s value proposition through attuned, balanced, and credible day-to-day audit engagement activities.

While there is useful guidance available for CAEs, there is a gap in the practical guidance available specifically for team leaders as they assume a broader role in support of their CAEs. This book provides that practical guidance.

About the Author

Bruce R. Turner, AM, CRMA, CISA, CFE, has more than 40 years of practitioner and leadership experience in internal auditing across the globe, navigating the energy, financial services (commercial, merchant, and central banking), government, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. He is a past chair of The IIA’s Global Public Sector Committee, spent six years on the IIA–Australia Board, and remains an active executive coach, mentor, and white ribbon ambassador (denouncing violence against women). He has recruited dozens of new auditors into internal audit roles throughout his career and watched proudly as their careers blossomed.


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Fundamentals of IT Audit for Operational Auditors - Paperback

The purpose of this book is to provide operational auditors and entry-level IT auditors with information that can be used to: • Understand the IT risk assessment process used to develop the annual audit plan. • Evaluate IT governance, IT general controls, and application controls either individually or jointly with an experienced IT auditor.

The Internal Auditor's Guide to Risk Assessment, 2nd Edition - Hardcover

The Internal Auditor's Guide to Risk Assessment, 2nd Edition - Hardcover

Third-Party Risk Management: A Practical Guide - Paperback

Management of a third-party relationship is no different than how organizations manage internal processes, with compliance monitoring, procedures, and business continuity plans. It requires cooperation, partnership, agreed-upon performance expectations, and a shared desire for preparedness so the appropriate oversight can be provided. In an increasingly complex world, it is critical that third-party risk and relationship management practices constantly evolve to remain relevant and embrace tools such as scenario planning to ensure readiness for potential future threats.

Understanding the SDLC

The key to successfully implementing new technology and delivering quality software that meets the needs of its stakeholder begins with an actionable system (software) development lifecycle (SDLC) that is properly articulated, actively communicated, and uniformly enforced for all projects. If the IT organization does not follow a well-documented SDLC, failure to meet the expected deliverables is probable. Internal auditors need a basic understanding of the system (software) development life cycle. This document can be used by the internal auditor to serve as the road map for expected activities to be accomplished at each stage of the SDLC.

This course delivers an introduction to the SDLC and emphasizes the importance of developing and following a well-documented development life cycle. Further, this course provides guidance on auditing an organization’s SDLC.