Internal Control over External Financial Reporting: A Compendium of Approaches and Examples- Paperback

Internal Control over External Financial Reporting: A Compendium of Approaches and Examples- Paperback
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The Internal Control – Integrated Framework sets forth three categories of objectives: operations, reporting, and compliance. The focus of the Compendium is the external financial reporting category of objectives, a subset of the reporting category. External financial reporting objectives address the preparation of financial reports for external parties, including:

  • Financial statements for external purposes, and
  • Other external financial reporting derived from an entity’s financial and accounting books and records.

Users will find relevant approaches and examples of how organizations may apply the principles set forth in the Framework in the design, implementation and conduct of internal control over external financial reporting. The approaches and examples are samples of activities for management to consider, rather than a complete or authoritative list.


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Auditing Third-party Risks

Using third parties invariably presents a variety of risks for organizations, including strategic, reputational, regulatory, operational, financial, transactional, security, compliance, and other risks. However, when utilized effectively, third parties can also provide tremendous value in terms of specialized knowledge, increased capacity, reduced overhead, and more customized business solutions. Internal audit should be at the front of managing the risks associated with third parties by independently reviewing, evaluating, and reporting on the related business practices. This course provides an overview on third-party risk management, including governance structure and risk management processes. It also specifies contracting, monitoring, and contract termination elements of the third-party relationship. Finally, the content defines the role of internal audit as it relates to various phases of the third-party management audit engagement, including planning, defining scope and objectives, testing, and reporting.

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The purpose of this book is to provide operational auditors and entry-level IT auditors with information that can be used to: • Understand the IT risk assessment process used to develop the annual audit plan. • Evaluate IT governance, IT general controls, and application controls either individually or jointly with an experienced IT auditor.