Gleim Premium CIA Review System - Part 3

Gleim Premium CIA Review System - Part 3
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Review Course powered by SmartAdapt™ Technology
Our smart course is powered by adaptive technology that prepares a learning path specifically for you while delivering tools and quizzes designed to help you study more effectively. All this is enhanced with detailed visual analytics and includes your interactive Study Planner, exam-emulating quizzes, and the Gleim digital book, and more.

Gleim Instruct Videos
Study from our highly acclaimed CIA Exam video series featuring lectures by professional educators. The lectures are the first of their kind and present in-depth instruction, guiding candidates through comprehensive examples, past CIA exam questions, and the most important topics from The IIA’s Exam Syllabus.

Comprehensive Test Bank
Our renowned bank of multiple-choice questions is the most refined collection of sample problems available on the market. Practice from thousands of questions that emulate the exam environment and provide our signature detailed answer explanations for both incorrect and correct answer choices.

Support from Personal Counselors
You will not be alone when preparing for the CIA exam! Receive customized assistance from your very own exam mentor who offers consistent encouragement, empathy, and direction on your journey to becoming a CIA. Gleim Personal Counselors are here when you need them!

Access Until You Pass® Guarantee
Put your mind at ease with our no-hassle guarantee that ensure your materials stay current throughout your studies.

Assistance from our Accounting Experts
Get exclusive access to our team of accounting experts who are available to answer any questions about the materials in the course.

Digital and physical copies of our books
Our books are broken up into small, comprehensible lessons for maximum retention and contain comprehensive outlines and examples.

Unmatched Exam-Day Emulation
Our exam-day emulating software accurately reflects the look and feel of the CIA exam so you can take the CIA exam without actually taking it.

Pass with the Most Trusted CIA Exam Prep!


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