Strategies for Small Audit Shops, 2nd Edition - eBook

Strategies for Small Audit Shops, 2nd Edition - eBook
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The successful small audit shop is typically lean, flexible, close to the organization, and staffed with experienced self-starters who are capable of grasping the “big picture.” It maximizes its resources to manage organizational expectations and reacts innovatively to situations as they arise.

Many aspects of the internal audit profession have undergone considerable advances since the first edition of this handbook was published. Strategies for Small Audit Shops, 2nd Edition, includes updates in developments involving risk management and aligns with the 2011 edition of The IIA's International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), reflecting the continuing maturation of the profession.

This handbook stresses the importance of adhering to professional standards as the answer to the challenges of efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. It offers practical advice on:

  • Working around size limitations
  • Organizational status and governance
  • Optimizing performance and proficiency
  • Human resources, quality control, and sampling methodologies
  • Managing the small audit shop

This handbook will be of interest to internal auditors who face the simultaneous challenges of limited resources and ever-expanding responsibilities. Many of the areas of best practice are applicable to all audit departments—whatever their size. 

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