Ethics and Compliance: Challenges for Internal Auditing - eBook

Ethics and Compliance: Challenges for Internal Auditing - eBook
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Over the last few years, the subject of ethics and compliance has been a hot topic in organizations of all kinds and sizes. Compliance is a critical component of effective risk management, enabling organizations to more effectively identify, prevent, and respond to issues that may damage its reputation or viability. Ethical conduct, the moral principles and values that guide an organization and its people, is meant to guide behavior based on shared organizational values. 

Ethics and compliance have assumed greater visibility and importance for practitioners of governance, their advisors and mentors, for monitors of ethics and compliance processes, and for those responsible for oversight.  The parade of business scandals and ethical lapses that has seemed to continue without significant letup has led to continued legislative and regulatory mandates for improved governance practices. 

Practitioners of internal auditing, as significant components of governance processes, and also persons in related fields, need to be particularly aware of all developments affecting organizational ethics and compliance. Members of audit committees, corporate counsel, and external auditors should also be knowledgeable about matters concerning ethics and compliance, as their responsibilities in ethics and compliance are also increasing. 

An objective of Ethics and Compliance: Challenges for Internal Auditing is to help fulfill those needs.

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