CPE Quiz - Current Month

CPE Quiz - Current Month
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CPE Quiz - Current Month

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ESG Reporting: A New Frontier for Fraud 12DEC24WEB

Sponsored by: NOTE: Your registration confirmation email will come from The IIA. All subsequent emails containing log-in access will come from the webinar presentation provider: do_not_reply@on24event.com. You may want to add this address to your system’s “safe” list. Otherwise, it may go to a spam folder. Two log-in/access emails are sent: 1 day prior and 2 hours prior to the start of the webinar. As ESG takes a more prominent position in our society, the impact on organizations and the accompanying pressure for positive ESG results is increasing. This increase in pressure can lead organizations to “stretch the truth” or outright misrepresent their organization’s performance related to ESG metrics. Most auditors are familiar with the fraud triangle, but many haven’t considered how it applies to greenwashing and how greenwashing risks could be factored into their anti-fraud program. Join our panelists as they unpack common “greenwashing” (misleading or erroneous ESG reporting) practices, the pressures that influence organizations to engage in those practices, actions internal auditors can take to assess these risks for their organizations, and what steps management can take to mitigate those risks. DATE: December 12, 2023 TIME: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM ET Registration closes at 11:59 PM ET on December 11, 2023. Keep scrolling to register. SPEAKERS Gerry Zack, CEO - SCCE Nancy Jordan, Chief Audit Executive Grant Ostler, Industry Principal - Workiva

Ethical Behavior

Internal auditors are expected to behave ethically and in conformance with The IIA’s Code of Ethics. The IIA’s Code of Ethics includes two essential components. The principles — which internal auditors are expected to apply and uphold — are relevant to the profession and practice of internal auditing, and the rules of conduct describe behavior expected of internal auditors. The Code of Ethics applies to both parties and entities that provide internal audit services, and its purpose is to promote an ethical culture in the global profession of internal auditing.

This course describes the importance of a code of ethics for internal auditors and identifies the principles of The IIA’s Code of Ethics. Further, this course summarizes the rules of conduct of The IIA’s Code of Ethics and expresses how to demonstrate individual conformance.


CIA - On Time Renewal

CIA - On Time Renewal

Behavioral Ethics In the 4th Industrial Revolution Webinar Replay

We’re now in what many have called the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is a time of great changes and advances in technology, but sometimes our behavioral ethics haven’t maintained pace with these changes. Internal audit and business leaders alike need to have a heightened awareness of bias and devise means to keep our human bias in check as we move toward greater reliance on technology.

This is a replay of the webinar that originally ran on December 12, 2022.